Brummps – Sie nannten ihn Ameise

    Everyone who grows up in an anthill must be an ant, so Jonny the dung beetle thinks. Being the main character in this brilliant children’s novel, the scarabaean nevertheless wonders why he is so un-ant-like.
    All the ants, except for his chatty and freaky friend Butz, who always wears an acorn helmet for safety, are annoyed by him, since Jonny is neither diligent, nor particularly good at ant jobs like building or carrying. Outwardly, Jonny has come to terms with his life, but deep down he feels a nagging doubt; and he keeps wondering who he is and whether he really belongs there. Dita Zipfel’s unconventional and linguistically creative way of telling this story about identity, individuality, and belonging is a true joy. The text’s verve is also visible in Bea Davies’s wild, mostly blue and red images. »Brummps« was named one of the twenty-five most beautiful German-language books of the year by the German foundation Stiftung Buchkunst, and it has the makings of a nursery-and classroom favourite. (Age: 6+)

    2021 Radau Stipendium Literaturhaus Freiburg
    2022 Schönste Deutsche Bücher – Kategorie Kinder- und Jugendbuch
    2022 The White Ravens
    2023 nominated Uwe Lüders Preis for illustration art. Literaturhaus Lüneburg
    2023 nominated Carl-Buch-Preis for bravest Children’s Book Cover

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