One page Interview of the young an talented nurnberger Hip-hopper Kuchenmann, realised during a 2-day Workshop on Comic-reportage held by Sascha Hommer and Lilian Pithan in Stadtmuseum Erlangen, in 2018.

    ©Erlanger Poetenfest – Foto: Erich Malter, 2018. From left to right: Michael Jordan, Björn Bischoff, Bea Davies, Sascha Hommer, Martina Schradi

    6 artists were matched to 6 journalists and where then set free into the wild. Every team chose a topic that had a connection with local matters and had 2 days to make interviews, write the text, draw the storyboard and put it all together. The resulting 6 Reportages were shown on the local newspaper Erlanger Nachrichten and in an exhibition during the Erlanger Poetenfest.

    © Bea Davies 2018. Björn Bischoff interviews Kuchenmann in Nürnberg.
    ©Bea Davies 2018. Bea Davies and Kuchenmann
    ©Erlanger Poetenfest – Foto: Erich Malter, 2018. Side by side, sketching the layout of the reportage and editing the interview.
    ©Erlanger Poetenfest – Foto: Erich Malter, 2018. Exhibition at Stadtmuseum Erlangen, 23-26 August 2018.
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