A bike ride

    Short rotoscope animation movie made in a week film class at weißensee academy of art berlin. 715 Frames were hand drawn on Photoshop with a Wacom screen.

    „Can we maintain identity beyond appearance? What happens if we suddenly changed?”

    Identity is strongly connected to the way we look and to how we appear to people around us. Yet appearance isn’t permanent. A sudden accident could change our physiognomy forever. Would we still trust a long-time friend if he/she suddenly looked completely different?

    In dreams we experience a world where appearance is in constant change. Ever-changing settings can be familiar to us and even familiar people can change their appearance and we would still recognise them for who they are.

    “A bike ride” is a visual exploration of the topic of identity. From the constant perspective of an anonymous person, who is reflecting and talking to himself, we experience, though his perspective, an ever changing environment. This short animation movie was made in a one-week film class at weißensee academy of art berlin. 715 Frames were hand-drawn on Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom screen and edited on Adobe Premiere Pro.

    Text and Drawings: Bea Davies
    Sound and Music: Sebastan Quiroga Chand

    “Do you know that feeling, as you dream, when you suddenly turn into something else and there’s no big deal about it?
    Or when the world around you changes but you just keep doing what you were doing and even if it’s not logical, it still makes sense?
    Have you ever had the desire to wake up in a world that would be behaving in that same unpredictable way? A world that wouldn’t break apart if circumstances suddenly changed?
    Every day I wake up and do rather predictable things, justifiable actions.
    I walk to the bathroom knowing who to expect in the mirror.
    I know it’s me because I look similar to how I looked the day before.
    If you and I were friends you’d say hello because you recognised me from my appearance.
    But what if one day I changed?
    Suddenly, radically, unpredictably.
    What if I kept changing?
    Would you still recognise me?
    Would you still trust me?
    Would you still be my friend?”

    –Bea Davies

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